Get Involved

Since its beginning in 2011, the Fiorentini Foundation has raised enough funds to support over 300 disadvantaged students in their performing arts education through the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School. Over the course of a year, more than 60 students receive free or subsidised places in the school. With your help, we aim to raise this number to 100.



Looking for a way to support the Fiorentini Foundation? Fundraise with us! To continue our mission of providing affordable performing arts education for local families, the Fiorentini Foundation is constantly looking for outside funds. Past fundraising events that have been put on in support of the Fiorentini Foundation range from smaller events like cake sales and cabaret nights to larger occasions like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and running the London Marathon. The impact of this support is indispensable to our organization and no amount of help is too small.


Sponsor a child  

Support a child’s dream! The Fiorentini Foundation encourages local businesses and donors to sponsor individual students to further their artistic education. Since we mainly work with disadvantaged youth, sponsorship of the average £990 annual fees these children face is considered invaluable. 

If aiding a child, the sponsor involved could have that scholarship named after them or their company. We also encourage maintaining a relationship between the child and sponsor through regular progress reports, letters and updates from the child, as well as through a photo and profile. Developing new levels of confidence and artistic talent through the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School has proven to be a vital experience for these children. This experience would not be possible without the subsidies and scholarships made by outside sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring a student who otherwise would not be able to have this experience, please please make an online enquiry.


Sponsor a show

Help us put on an exceptional production! We at Anna Fiorentini believe that children grow and develop as both artists and as members of society if they are given opportunities to perform in front of live audiences. While we strive to keep these dreams and opportunities alive for our students, we do rely greatly on outside funding. Since the cost of putting on a large scale public performance is roughly £15,000, the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School is always open to financial support from others.

The most pertinent area in need of financial assistance is venue hire, which makes up most of our performance costs. Any sponsorship or donations made to venue hire or to general performance costs would be greatly appreciated and extremely influential in the production of our shows. Sponsoring a show contributes to the artistic and personal growth of our students and makes a tremendous difference in their lives and in the local community. We also like to work with and acknowledge our sponsors and their contributions to our school’s productions. For example, a sponsor’s logo would be prominent on any publicity material and the sponsor would also be included in all press coverage.

If you are interested in sponsoring a show, please make an online enquiry.


Hire our Troupe

In 2011, a group of ambitious Anna Fiorentini students looking for even more performance opportunities applied for and received a financial grant from the Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund. With the £5,000 funds from Hackney, these determined students were soon able to set up the Anna Fiorentini Kids Performance Troupe.

Today, these talented and enthusiastic students rehearse acts regularly and are instructed by both choreographers and musical directors from the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School. The Performance Troupe presents their routines to a number of different audiences throughout the community. Hospitals, homes for the elderly, private parties, and festivals are just a few examples of the multiple audiences the troupe entertains with their talent. Whether asked to entertain for schools or corporate events, these students are ready and willing to give back to their community and increase their own performance skills.

Unfortunately, recent funding cuts have dramatically affected the arts, directly impacting our Performance Troupe. To continue the mission of growing as performers while contributing to local neighbourhoods, the Anna Fiorentini Kids Performance Troupe now must raise an annual fund of £7,000. To do so, we rely on the generous donations of the community and partnerships with local companies. With these companies, the troupe is able to offer exciting incentives so that businesses get back what they give to the Troupe. This includes benefits like widespread press and promotion as well as our Team Building Workshops, which are group classes run by our industry experts focusing on improving a company’s communication, confidence, and team development.

If you are interested in supporting or hiring the Performance Troupe, please make an online enquiry.